onsdag 14. januar 2009

I have been challenged by Monica

4 of my favourite TV shows:
Beverly Hills 90210
Battlestar Galactica

4 things I did yesterday:
Went to an application meeting for a course
Spoke on Skype for the first time with a friend
Cuddled and talked to Savannah for 90 minutes straight
Finished season 5 of BH 90210

4 things I long for:
Deco meeting in Kungsör (this was on Monicas list, and I will just let it stand:)
That I will get some money from my dad he promised me when he sold his house.
Seeing all my family in Røros this summer.
A child

4 favourite restaurants:
Harbour Cafe(american)

4 things on my wish list:
A travel around the world ticket
Digital videocamera
Hunting certificate
A new puppy

I am challenging:

3 kommentarer:

Busy little Bee sa...

Heisan. Så morsomt å se andre norske innen paper art.:o) Fortsetter på engelsk så de andre forstår litt også: I really like your work, and your choise in pictures.:o) I hope I can add you to my bloglist as I really would like to drop by from time to time.:o) Let me know.
My page is: http://beatescorner.blogspot.com

Busy little Bee sa...

Thanks for your coments on my ravengirlblog.:o) I am not making decos at the moment as it takes up more time than making neat and Hight Quality Fbs. But thanks for inviting me to your group. I love groups like that, wish there were one for HQ FBs too, but I am very happy with Neat_FB_Swappers. They always have at least one fantasy/dark category, and other not-cute-themes to choose from.:o)

Busy little Bee sa...

Hi again. I laughed so good when I read your latest coment. I love the way you try to persuade me into making decos.;o) The truth is that I have been doing decos for years, but very few of them make their way home. And very few decorate the "weird themes", so they usually just lay around somewhere rather than be sent around.:o( Besides, I kind of do decorate the FBs the same way I do art decos, but since you don't have to decorate in them they are passed around much quicker. Though, I don't get so many homers from FBs either...
I hope to see more new decos on your blog soon.:o) I like the ones you have.:o)